CBS Vows to Diversify All Reality Shows On Network

On Monday morning CBS announced an initiative that balances the racial bar on it’s network now requiring all of it’s reality shows to cast 50% of it’s participants as black or people of color. Moving forward shows including Big Brother, Survivor and Love Island will be more inclusive and diversified starting with it’s 2021-2022 season. George Cheeks the president and CEO of CBS acknowledged that minorities are “underrepresented” on television as a whole and the network is committed to doing it’s part to rectify it.


Trump Fired Up And Ready To Go For 2024?

White House sources who are in close contact with Donald Trump has reported that he is preparing his 2024 bid if he loses the current election. His former campaign adviser Bryan Lanza stated their is no doubt the president will concede if Biden wins this year. Trump is confident that he will have the Republicans support to run again. Do you think the Democrats plan to have him in jail by then or is it all just fake news?


Florida Man Fatally Shot Pregnant Wife He Thought Was Intruder

According to Florida authorities officers were called to Martin County which is approximately “40 miles” Southwest of Palm Beach in regards to a horrific shooting. Upon arrival a man was standing with a young child and “yelling” hysterically informing officers that he’d shot his wife in error. He stated that he did not realize his wife had gotten out of bed and thought she was a burglar. The victim was six months pregnant and was later pronounced dead at the hospital however the unborn child was reported by NBC to have survived the tragic shooting. The husband is currently under formal investigation.


Bears Practices Halt As Players Test Positive For Covid 19

On Thursday morning little had changed regarding the presidential election however the Chicago Bears were faced with tough decisions as Halas Hall was shuttered due to yet another player Cody Whitehair, testing positive for Covid 19. The team released a consequential statement following the news which affirmed “practice” and “meetings” were “canceled” and discussions would be held “virtually”. It is still undetermined if Thursday’s news will end the game against the Tennessee Titans on Sunday.


NBA Season May Restart Dec. 22

According to ESPN the NBA will be having a meeting which includes the

directors and players in a attempt to reach an amicable agreement on starting the “2020-21 season on Dec.22” while playing at a reduced schedule that includes 72 games. All participating in the vote are expected to reach a reportedly “hopeful” decision this week. Are you game?


Amy Coney Barrett Joins The Supreme Court

One week before election day on Nov. 3, Amy Coney Barrett has joined the Supreme Court. Barrett is only 48 years old and could possibly serve more than three decades with the court. The Senate vote was one of the “closest in history” coming in at 52-48 according to The New York Times. A vast majority of Democrats were opposed to the confirmation due to her history as a conservative. Mrs. Barrett now serves on the highest judicial bench in the United States. The Supreme Court is essentially a last resort for appealed or disputed matters at all other levels of government including state, federal and local. It’s role is to protect civil rights and liberties thus forth upholding the Constitution. Do you think raising black (adopted) children has heightened her consciousness of systemic biases against Black people in America or nah?


Netflix Release “Selena Series” Trailer

Jennifer Lopes as Selena Quintanilla

With the December 4th released date fast approaching Netflix dropped it’s full length trailer of the ‘Selena Series,” a remake of the original autobiographical movie “Selena.” According to executive producer and creator Moises Zamora the movie is slated to allow a more in depth view of the original character “Selena Quintanilla” played by Walking Dead actor Christian Serratos in a nine episode series. Will you be watching?


Prince Harry Says Marriage Racially Awakened Him!

Prince Harry admitted while speaking with an activist for British GQ that he was not aware what “unconscious racial bias” meant and says he’s learned so much since marrying his black American wife Meghan Markle. He went on to say that it took him “many years” to realize it “existed” after now raising multi racial children and how since recognizing it he has become a “bit uncomfortable” with such.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle kissed on the steps of St. Charles after their wedding in Windsor, England. Photo By: Ben Birchall

Prince Harry also expressed how racial justice is a inclusive “global movement” and that his intentions since becoming are father to “leave the world better than he found it”.


McDonalds Website Now Shows Broken Ice Cream Machines!

If your a milk shake lover or ice cream enthusiast you’ll appreciate McDonalds new website. The hamburger mecca has added a new feature named “” a website which includes a map to alert customers when ice cream machines are down based upon location. Rashid Zahid is the 24 year old responsible for creating this site. During the course of a few weeks this past summer Zahid used only “2000” codes to gather information from over 10,000 McDonalds franchises according to CNN. Are you loving it??


Trump grants Gary, Indiana native ex professional boxer, clemency

At 24 years old Charles “Duke” Tanner was arrested for a non violent drug crime. Despite that instance being his first criminal offense Mr. Tanner was convicted and sentenced to life in prison. A term which was later reduced to 30 years. Earlier this week President Trump granted clemency to five individuals with the Indiana native being among the selected. At the time of his arrest Tanner, was an “undefeated light heavyweight” boxer according to the Chicago Tribune. While incarcerated he participated in re- entry programs and successfully completed countless educational courses. He expressed being “grateful” for the President and hopeful that he could “eventually get back in the ring”.

Source: ESPN


Purdue Pharma OxyContin maker pleads to 3 criminal charges!!

According to The U.S. Justice Department, Purdue Pharma ( the company that creates OxyContin) has agreed to plead guilty to three federal charges. This decision comes after a bankruptcy court approved an “$8.3 billion dollar” settlement against the company. The drug manufacturer and distributer has been credited for attributing to the catastrophic “opioid epidemic” in the country. Purdue has “regrets and accepts responsibility for the misconduct.” Will they get the same brutal treatment as young men selling dime bags out of abandon houses. Or is drug dealing only worthy of prison time when your Black?

Source: New Line Cinema/ Dr. Evil-Austin Powers


Yelps exposing RACIST!

Yelp officially announced via it’s blog the immediate addition of “consumer alerts within it’s platform. This mechanism provides a customer the ability to leave warnings of businesses that they’ve encountered who seemed racist in an attempt to further foster “diversity and inclusion” in the company. Is this a trial run or will other corporations follow?

Source: Yelp


California proposes end to cash bails.

In alleged efforts to create a fairer bond system the state of California has initiated new legislation titled “Proposition 25” to appear on the Nov. 3 ballots. If passed this bill would replace cash bails with a coded process using “algorithms” to determine detainees eligibility for release. Do you think this proposal would further strengthen systematic racial bias or is this kind of measure long over due?

Update: Proposition 25 was rejected in the 2020 California state election therefore cash will continue to be king in a system that is supposed to surround itself around justice.


Diddy creates new POLITICAL party

During an interview on Oct. 15 with radio personality Charlamagne Tha God the Sean Combs (Diddy) revealed his new political party branded “Our Black Party” which welcomes Democrats and Republican “African Americans” with an intention to unify and bring awareness to key disparities within the community. Are you in or nah?

Source: Invision/ Shutterstock