Weekly therapy “helps” 2× NFL champ Malcolm Jenkins with stress

While speaking with “The Associated Press” two time Super Bowl champion Malcolm Jenkins detailed to New Orleans students how he enlisted “therapy” as a way for him to get through stress and the “psychological effects of racism.” He expressed how speaking to his therapist has been a way for him to “maintain and cope” with “mental health, anxiety and depression” for the last few years. Jenkins expressed his passion for spreading awareness to mental health issues and the importance of “black boys unapologetically” being able to proudly express themselves and his passion for such. How has racism affected your psychological state?

Malcolm Jenkins-Source: Players Coalition Facebook


Diabetic fatalities lowered by green tea and coffee?

A study that observed the health of some 4,923 people in Japan by “BMJ Open Diabetes Research & Care” recorded a significantly lower risk of death in diabetes patients but only in certain increments.

Green tea had a “15%” lower risk of death rate per “1 cup” and coffee was slightly lower with “12% per cup”. Are you headed to the supermarket?


Dr. Umar Johnson talks the U.S. & Drug Double Standards

Dr. Umar Johnson, Psy D., CSP, M Ed.

During Nick Cannons podcast at Howard University titled “Cannons Class” Doctor of Clinical Psychology and Certified School Psychologist, Umar Johnson stated “if drugs are bad they’re bad all the time.” Expressing that Americans especially with a concentration on blacks, should not be mass incarcerated for selling the same drugs that doctors turn around and administer. Should narcotics be banned altogether or is medicinal use okay?