Offset Partnered to Feed Georgia Voters

Rapper and entrepreneur Kiari Cephus better known by his professional name Offset didn’t allow being momentarily detained by Beverly Hills PD for waving an imaginary gun to dampen his election spirits and decided to rise beyond it all to feed Georgia voters on yesterday. Offset volunteered with several businesses including Big Daves Food Truck and The Lincoln Project to ensure that if local Gwinnette County voters in Georgia had 99 problems on election day being hungry wouldn’t be one of them. Do you think this act of kindness will be heavily broadcasted across mainstream as his detainment did?


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These States Voted To Decriminalize “Hard Drugs”

As reported by “The Washington Post” at least four states voted to legalize drugs on Nov. 3. In an effort to “change drug laws” and over policing the states of Arizona, New Jersey, Montana and South Dakota all decriminalized marijuana while Oregon gave a ballot nod for psychedelic mushroom, cocaine and heroin use as well. Oregon also includes “The District of Columbia” and has expressed their desire to “drastically narrow drug arrests? Does this action positively affect the pharmaceutical industry by creating more addicts than inmates? Was this move to benefit disenfranchised demographics? Will these measures medically monetize what many times are legitimate emotional, family or social concerns of individuals who are oppressed due to systematic disparities and thus forth statistically more likely to use substances. Will labeling drug users as “sick” send them from the jail house to the psych ward?


Election Anxiety Runs Rampant as Stores Brace For Civil Unrest

Retailers across the country are scurrying to board up their businesses as the U.S. braces for civil unrest due to the presidential election. Stores owners from New York, Chicago, Arizona

to Washington DC. are anxiously shutting down and closing up in order to protect their establishments post election. Black Americans are systematically without the resources of their white business owner counterparts and are very concerned about under policing/protecting of black properties both residentially and commercially on Nov. 3. Will you be sheltering in place on election day?


Black Electorate Could Decide Election!!

Source: Wilfredo Lee/ AP

The ultimate battle for the nations most coveted political position has ensued and will be presumably determined on Nov. 3. Black Americans have flooded early voting polls and according to experts may determine the election via the electoral college. Democrats have been informed that while “African American” voters have previously been viewed as a “monolith” to the Democratic party their victory walk may be rerouted if unable to reach in the last hour it’s loyal base. Many top states have seen soaring population gains such a Texas, Florida and Virginia thus forth heavily swaying the electorate in such demographics according to “The Brookings Institution”. Are you fired up and ready to go?


NC Black Voters Drenched With Pepper Spray By Cops

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According to “Buzz Feed News” not even the “children” were spared as North Carolina police decided to interrupt a group of black voters who were “marching” to the polling station. The march ( I AM CHANGE) had been previously organized in an effort to ramp up last minute early voter participation. Graham Police were reported to have allegedly relinquished pepper spray on a crowd of more than “200 demonstrators” including young children while attempting to terminate the rally. The police Department released a statement claiming the “chemical irritant was sprayed on the ground and never directly at the crowd”. Can airborne chemicals be contained to a certain area when released? Would they have sprayed painful toxins in the air with their children present? Who should be held accountable?


LeBron James Scheduled to Produce Black Wall Street Documentary

The St. Luke Penny Savings Bank in Richmond a first of Black owned banks in U.S. Source: National Park Service. Maggie L. Walker National Historic Site

LeBron James has again refused the directive to “shut up and dribble” and has added the production of “Dreamland”: The Rise and Fall of Black Wall Street to his impactful catalog. The film is set to detail how the “Greenwood District” in Tulsa, Oklahoma transformed into a black wealth capital and the subsequent intentional destruction thereof.


Maxine Waters Vows Unforgiveness for Black Trump Voters

Merely days ahead of the presidential election Maxine Waters a Democratic member of California’s senate made her way to SiriusXM to share her thoughts and disavow black Trump voters. While speaking with “The Joe Madison Show” the seasoned senator expressed that she will “never ever forgive them” referring to African Americans who vote Republican at the federal level this November. She went on to say “he is a racist” that doesn’t value “black people or women in particular”. Are her feelings justified or is everyone entitled to their vote guilt free?

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Black Man Killed By Illinois Cops Covered With Blanket Alive!

Tafara Williams survived the police shooting that left her significant other Marcellis Stinnette dead last week in Waukegan, Illinois. In a tearful plea she spoke out from her hospital bed to shed light on the tragedy. Ms. Williams stated that the police had “harassed” the couple and once she drove off the officer “fired” into her vehicle “without warning.” She also said the cops “threw” a blanket over Stinnette while he was still breathing. The family is being legally represented by attorney Benjamin Crump who spoke out concerning the killing.

“Ms. Williams legal team will begin our own investigation into what happened during that incident, because we do not trust the police narrative in this case. We have seen over and over that the official report when police kill Black people is far too often missing or misrepresenting details.” We will share our findings with the public when we have uncovered the truth.”

Source: Brian Hill/ Daily Herald, file via AP
Marcellis Stinnette

Stinnettes loved ones described him as a “gentle soul”. The officer who killed Stinnette had his bodycam turned off during the shooting and has since been placed on “administrative leave.”

Update: The Waukegan Hispanic police officer who killed Marcellis Stinnette has been terminated for violating “multiple policy and procedures” according to Department Commander Edgar Navarro.”


Philadelphia Roars After Police Kill Black Man Without Gun

On Monday afternoon Philadelphia police officers allegedly shot and killed Walter Wallace Jr. a man who was in the middle of a mental health crisis and was carrying a pocket knife near 61st and Locust for allegedly refusing to sit down.

Source: Elizabeth Robertson/ Staff Photographer
Walter Wallace Jr.

Protestors & activist sickened about continual police brutality and black deaths triggered by police guns took to Philadelphia streets overnight to ensure their voices were heard. At least 30 officers were reported injured during the protest however all are alive and in stable condition. An undetermined amount of protestors have been arrested. The Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw spoke with community members wanting answers and did confirm that the video of the shooting “raises many questions” and assured that the matter will be “fully investigated” according to 3CBS Philly.


Black Breastfeeding MATTERS!

Did you know that while the benefits of breastfeeding are endless, black mothers are least likely to do so and for shorter durations. According to the American Civil Liberties black women have the lowest breastfeeding ratios at 69.4% of all groups. Are you aware that racial disparities exist in regards to such.

While economic status should not affect a woman’s right to provide her baby with the most optimum nutrition a 2019 study done by the CDC suggest great systematic gaps are evident. Black women are 3 to 4 times more likely to die from or during childbirth, more likely to be required to return to work before the typical 12 week maternity leave and are stigmatized for breastfeeding due to historical degradation and oversexualization.

While true economic, social, and racial barriers persist the benefits of breastfeeding outweigh the latter for both mother and child & include but aren’t limited to:

-Gives 100% perfect nutrition for the infants/childs first six months of life.

-Contains life saving antibodies that gravely lower the risk of pneumonia, leukemia, intestinal diseases, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, Asthma, allergies, ear infections, colds, diabetes etc.

-Provides natural birth control for first six months by preventing menstruation.

-Lowers mothers risk for breast cancer and heart disease.

-Flattens mothers abdomen by naturally contracting uterus during feedings.

-Burns up to 500 calories a day causing some mothers to drop weight effortlessly.

-Is BPA free.

And the list goes on. Who’s ready to throw out/ the formula and get a pump?


Indiana H.S. student titled “Black guy” in yearbook no name

Laura Hammack the superintendent at Brown County High School in Indiana has responded with a slew of apologies via Facebook after a Black American student was labeled as “black guy” in the schools annual yearbook calling the action “truly incomprehensible.” Many students according to Hammack were “sickened by this” happening. She did confirm that the schools “nondiscrimination policy” had been violated. The black student/victims identity has been withheld at this time. Would you like the school to say his name Sandra Bland’s, Mike Brown and many others? Is the state of Indiana still segregated according to IU and the UCLA civil rights Project of 2017?


GoFundMe Started For Father of 8 Found Hung In Colorado “Carport”

On “September 21, 2020” according to GoFundMe DeAndre Roger’s an “active protestor” was found hanging in a carport in “Grand Junction, Colorado.” Mr. Roger’s death was ruled a “suicide” prematurely following an alleged “incomplete” investigation according to his loved ones. Mr. Roger’s was an only child and leaves behind 8 children. The GoFundMe was initiated by a family friend of his mother.

DeAndre Rogers


Black Church Returns $1 Million In Tithes To the Community

Alfred Street Baptist church in Virginia on Tuesday announced that it had given back “$1 million” plus to local community organizations during the covid-19 pandemic as reported by The Christian Post. The same church previously donated to “The National Museum of African American History and Culture.” Will the next donation go towards a Black owned supermarket? Is your $5 ready if we crowd fund for it?


Christmas is coming are stocks on your kids list?

Many things have shut down and shuttered during this ongoing global pandemic but Wall Street and the stock market weren’t one of them. Do you want to give the gift that keeps on yielding? Well you may want to consider investing in the stock market.

Did you know that a variety of penny stocks (a term that refers to any stock below $5 a share) are below the the price of a carton of eggnog? While the stock market may experience volatility (a rapid distinct change in the value of shares) investing is a definite catalyst to narrow the “wealth gap” amongst black Americans according to the New York-based “Roosevelt Institute Study” of 2019. So why not get a piece of the pie this holiday season?


Vote or Nah?

Have you ever been met in family court by a racist judge or magistrate? Did they speak condescending to you despite facts, academia or economic status? Is your child’s school sitting two scores from being dilapidated while the state flourishes? Did its 2020 fiscal year end with a 2 billion dollars in the bank like Indiana while it’s blackest city Gary categorically suffered? Has structural racism convinced you that if a cities tax base is low that the State should legally be allowed to leave it’s most vulnerable behind?

Is it common sense to conclude that tax bases generally are lower in black and minority communities due to redlining and systematic racism as a whole? Should children be punished as a result thereof? Did you ask how the governor could allow such? Does arriving at the overstanding that America is symbolically a democracy but physically a republic yield enough to forsake the local elections that also appear on the ballots Nov. 3? Or have you decided that regardless of the Caucasian male that assumes office in January there are just simply people in your localities be it courtrooms, school districts or governing your state that simply have to go?

Source: Local Elections Matter Art Print Erin Shhh


Are Black Men Child Shamed?

Have you ever took the time to ponder why when black men expand their families their referred to as “baby daddies?” Why having children by more than one woman is associated with being ignorant, irresponsible or impoverished? How is it that a Caucasian man with three “baby mothers” can become a sitting U.S President without a stain, stigma or rebuke? Why is it when white middle class men have children by multiple women it is respectably referred to as “multi partner fertility” or (MPF)? Is there a reason or agenda behind most studies on multiple baby fathers usually focusing on lower income black women? Does the saying “slant the narrative slant the result” apply?
If a black father is financially stable and present to care for his children why doesn’t society champion them like they do other demographics. According to the 2017 U.S. Census Bureau “roughly one third of parents who’ve been married two or more times are inclusive of MPF.” Is the child shaming of black men and women related to the eugenics history in America courtesy of Planned Parenthoods founder Margaret Higgins Sanger infamously known for proclaiming “a free race can’t be born to slave mothers.” Does MPF shaming and anti black children propaganda contribute to the genocide of Black babies in America?

Source: Rachel Wright


CNN attempts to “MUTE” Ice Cube!!

Rap Icon and Big3 owner Ice Cube’s scheduled interview with CNN on Oct.15 was abruptly canceled allegedly “silencing” the mogul after he spoke to the Trump administration according to Katrina Pierson a campaign spokeswoman about an agenda to close wealth disparities in America amongst Black people.

Source: Getty Images

Is the Democratic party and the “powers that be” according to Ice Cube showing their hand to hold down Foundational Black Americans? Do they believe doing two steps at barbecues and kissing black babies at rallies is enough? Does the blue party see Black Americans as children that they can usurp authority over neglect and ignore? Are they in a timeout by Black people until further notice?


NRA still silent on Kenneth Walker and Breonna Taylor.

Despite Kenneth Walker the significant other of Breonna Taylor having no criminal background and being legally license to carry a firearm the NRA has chosen to remain silent on the horrific slaying of Breonna Taylor. Mr. Walker has been racially maligned since losing his girlfriend. Empathy has been withheld from the gentlemen even after explaining to “CBS This Morning” how he was “deathly afraid” when police home invaded on the couple. An episode that resulted in Walker presuming he was exercising his Second Amendment rights and protecting their home by firing at an unannounced intruder whom happened to be law enforcement. A person in service to it’s local community who is (for some reason) trained to shoot deadly fire when encountering perceived civilian threats. A legal coercing and lethal teaching that ultimately caused Breonna Taylor to die by the person who is publicly funded to protect her, a police officer. Taylor’s death has been a non issue to the organization who’s decided not to speak up for the bereaved partner now facing legal action. Does the NRA’s mission to “protect and defend the constitution” apply to Black Americans and their rights? Are they a monopoly?

Breonna Taylor/ Kenneth Walker


Dr. Umar Johnson talks the U.S. & Drug Double Standards

Dr. Umar Johnson, Psy D., CSP, M Ed.

During Nick Cannons podcast at Howard University titled “Cannons Class” Doctor of Clinical Psychology and Certified School Psychologist, Umar Johnson stated “if drugs are bad they’re bad all the time.” Expressing that Americans especially with a concentration on blacks, should not be mass incarcerated for selling the same drugs that doctors turn around and administer. Should narcotics be banned altogether or is medicinal use okay?


FBA Author Support!!

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