Social Justice Activist & Rapper T.I. & Wife Tiny Speak Out Against Abuse Allegations

T.I. and Tiny Harris have responded to the current allegations being hurled at them by former friend Sabrina Peterson. Peterson first claimed that Mr. Harris lodged a gun to her head during a dispute. Once Tiny refuted that claim in defense of T.I. Peterson began to declare the couple as serial sexual abusers. She also made known that a television documentary is being shopped around in the stories regards. The couple released a statement to COMPLEX on Friday saying “Mr. and Mrs. Harris want to be on record and more importantly want the public to know they emphatically deny in the strongest way possible the egregiously appalling allegations being made against them by Sabrina Peterson. The Harrises have had difficulty with this woman for well over a decade. They are taking this matter very seriously.”

T.I. aids senior citizens for Thanksgiving. Source: Jon Strayhorn-MAC330

Neither T.I. or Tiny have responded via social media as of yet.


Subway is Being Sued For Fake Tuna

Something is fishy about Subway according to two California residents but it isn’t the tuna. Plaintiffs Karen Dhanowa & Nilima Amin used their attorney to slam Subway’s tuna sandwich as “anything but tuna.Claiming to have made the discovery while doing an independent lab test that studied “multiple samples” from Subway’s California locations. They went on asserting that the “tuna” is “a mixture of of various concoctions that do not constitute tuna, yet have been blended together by defendants to imitate the appearance of tuna.” They have not divulged what they believe the true recipe is but did express disgust in their filings saying we “were tricked into buying food items that wholly lacked the ingredients they reasonably thought they were purchasing.”

Source: Peter Summers/ Getty

They also accused Subway of “saving substantial sums of money in manufacturing the products because the fabricated ingredient they use in the place of tuna cost less money.” The duo is hoping to get their complaint approved as a class action in order to welcome other Subway consumers in the state according to The Washington Post.

Their franchises website describes the sandwich as “flaked tuna in brine” a company spokesperson told The Post that the depiction is current.


Lightning Moments: NFL Adds Inaugural Poet Amanda Gorman To Super Bowl LV Lineup

Amanda Gorman’s gift of poetry has made room from her at Capitol Hill as the first Black National Youth Poet Laurete. Her reach seems to be further expanding as she has joined the ranks of best selling authors and has currently teamed up with the NFL for a Super Bowl LV benediction.

“Before the Honorary Captains are recognized on-field, Presidential Inaugural Poet Amanda Gorman will recite an original poem about these three individuals in recognition of their tremendous impact during an unprecedented year. The recitation of the poem will air nationally on CBS and be featured in stadium” according to the NFL’s communication dept.

The NFL’s website also noted the changemakers bio saying “Amanda Gorman is the youngest Presidential Inaugural Poet in U.S. history. She is a committed advocate for the environment, racial equality and gender justice. Amanda’s activism and poetry have been featured on the Today Show, PBS Kids and CBS This Morning and in the New York. Times, Vogue, Essence and O magazine. In 2017 UrbanWord named her the first ever National Youth Poet Laureate of the United States. After graduating from Harvard University, she now lives in her hometown of Los Angeles. The special edition of her inaugural poem, The Hill We Climb will be published in Spring 2021.”

Are your palms slamming together?


Biden Signs Order to Uphold Racial Equity by Phasing Out Prison Privatization

Tuesday marked a new day for the business of bondage in America. Prison stocks tumbled as President Biden signed an executive order to end the DOJ’s contracts with private prisons proving that crime is paying many.

“I ran for president because I believe we’re in a battle for the soul of this nation, Biden said prior to signing the bill. “And the simple truth is, our soul will be troubled as long as systemic racism is allowed to persist. I firmly believe the nation is ready to change but government has to change as well.”

Source: AP Photo/Eric Risberg

“For too many American families, systemic racism and inequality in our economy, laws and institutions, still put the American dream far out of reach, stated the domestic policy advisor Susan Rice before Biden‘s official signature. She further affirmed the horrific impact private prisons have had on Black Americans by saying “Private prisons profiteer off federal prisoners and are proven to be, or found to be by the Department of Justice inspector general, less safe for correctional officers and prisoner. President Biden is committed to reducing mass incarceration, while making our communities safer and that starts with ending the federal governments reliance on private prison.

Prison privatization has been a center focus for the Democratic party and social justice activist nationwide. Biden vowed that ending the governments toxic relationship with private oppressors is only a first step in numerous to prohibit corporations from profiting off of unsafe and inhumane incarcerations.

The current measure isn’t applicable to immigrant detentions centers but did also address a plaintiffs ability to litigate unequitable housing discrimination.


White House Is “exploring ways” To Fast Track Harriet Tubman on the $20 Bill

The Biden administration has renewed efforts to fast track the face of Harriet Tubman on the upcoming $20 bill. This action was laid aside during Trumps time in office.

One of the many designs that have appeared in the effort to give a nod to the civil rights icon and freedom fighter Harriet Tubman.

“The Treasury Department is taking steps to resume efforts to put Harriet Tubman on the front of the $20 notes” said White House press secretary Jen Psaki during a press briefing.

She added “It’s important that our notes, our money…reflect the history and diversity of our country, and Harriet Tubman’s image gracing the new $20 note would certainly reflect that. So we’re exploring ways to speed up that effort.”

Source: White House-Instagram

The Treasury Department first initiated Tubman on the $20 bill in 2016, during the Obama administration. In an effort to replace Andrew Jackson on the front of the currency. Shortly after former Treasury Secretary Jack Lew said the new bills would be unveiled in 2020. That proposal loss traction under former president Donald Trump who cited the change as “pure political correctness.”


Benjamin Button: Kenya Moore Celebrates Her 50th Birthday

Kenya Moore isn’t allowing divorce talk to rain on her birthday parade. The RHOA castmate was spotted sashaying up a jets runaway with Baby Brooklyn to end up in a destination that appeared far from it.

Source: Instagram

The now 50 year old beauty queen was later spotted living her bestest in a beach front villa surrounded by a few loved ones which included her longtime friend Brandon Deshazar.

Source: Instagram

The executive producing actress has sustained a optimistic view on life despite opposition and recently shared heartfelt words for the new year.

Source: Instagram

Are you wishing this literal & figurative queen many more?


Larry King’s Son’s Release a Joint Statement Following His Death

Larry King’s surviving children are in rightful bereavement after their legendary father passed away last week. On Saturday they released a touching statement on his behalf.

We are heartbroken over our father’s death, and together with our extended family mourn his passing,” said his surviving son’s and namesake. They went on sharing “The world knew Larry King as a great broadcaster and interviewer, but to us he was dad.”

Larry King featured with his children including the two (both standing on the left) that preceded him in death last year. Source: Instagram

“He was the man who lovingly obsessed over our daily schedules and our well-being, and who took such immense pride in our accomplishments — large, small, or imagined and, through it all, we knew without a doubt in the world that he loved us more than life itself.”

“He was an amazing father, and he was fiercely loyal to those lucky enough to call him a friend. We will miss him every single day of our lives,” said his three sons Larry King, Jr., Chance King, and Cannon King.

They ended the tribute by expressing gratitude for the support they’ve receive since his passing due to covid-19.

“The outpouring of love and the remembrances of his remarkable career have touched us deeply and we are so thankful,” while closing their note with “deep appreciation.”

In addition to kindly asking for any donations to be redirected to the “American Heart Association” or Beverly Hills Fire Department.


Raps Venture Capitalist Rick Ross Finds Family Fun at The Zoo (video)

Rick Ross is the biggest boss. The “Buy Back The Block” decorated rapper has continually put his money where dividends and shares are by amassing a strategic portfolio. The Florida native is beyond business savvy and has fiscally cemented himself in a variety of industries. Some of which include but aren’t limited by the restaurant industry (Checkers, Wingstop) real estate, authorship and his latest most inspiring venture Jetdoc which fills a niche in telemedicine by providing immediate, nominal health care at home.

Source: Twitter

The New York Times Best selling author and executive producer detailed how JetDoc is the lemonade that was squeezed from his recent medical crisis.

Source: Instagram

I’ve been healthy, an athlete, my entire life,” Ross told the outlet. “But me becoming an artist, me traveling, flying five times a week, up in the studio, up to 20 hours a day, it actually took a toll on me. I’ve made up my mind; I’ve lost 80-plus pounds. I’ve addressed and adjusted certain eating habits, of course, my sleeping habits, which was my largest fault” @Forbes.

He also shared how his personal health influenced the $1M stake in the digital diagnosing company while speaking with GMA.

That’s what’s really driving me,” he said. “The fact that I’ve had a seizure — And I’ve woke up from being unconscious on the toilet before. And I never even spoke on this before, but, I suffered from seizures for a long time.”

JetDoc is currently available in the state of Florida with intentions to rapidly expand abroad.-Source:

But with all the investments that the self made mogul has diversified himself in. It’s evident that the most profound was his children.

His son William Roberts was recently offered a round of coveted scholarships. -Source: Instagram

The executive producer was spotted at the petting zoo with his eldest children getting up close & personal with some reptiles. While the snake couldn’t hold his son for long before he hilariously took off, it looks like his Father has and we love to see it!

Source: Instagram

Does love have the best return?


Keyshia Cole Sheds Light on Her Demeanor During Verzuz Battle (video)

The Verzuz battle between Ashanti & Keyshia Cole was highly anticipated and netted impressive viewership. But those numbers weren’t without criticism directed at Cole for what some discerned as a less than ideal demeanor. Fans who stayed loyal after two postponements (due to Ashanti’s Covid-19 diagnoses) weren’t too pleased with the “I Changed My Mind” singers tardiness nor mannerisms. Now the ASCAP award winner is speaking out.

“I want to apologize for not sitting my *ss in that seat. OK? Because I was there and I should’ve sat down. I should’ve just sat in the seat no matter if I felt like the visual wasn’t clear…they said my music wasn’t gonna be right or whatever it was.” Keyshia continued “I think more so than anything people wanted me to sit be present…even though they didn’t know that I was present.”

Source: Instagram-@itsrikip

Cole’s DJ GoDJ HiC preceded this statement with his own saying “She didn’t wanna come out cause her screen was blurry.” She was there on time. I seen everything. She was there, but she didn’t wanna come out because the screen was blurry and stuff wasn’t right, you know. We couldn’t hear Ashanti’s side so it was a lot of technical stuff going on here.”

Keyshia Cole also took the post VERZUZ time to promote her new song being released on February 5.

Source: Instagram

Did you enjoy this musical meetup?


Democrats Drafting Bill That Includes a $3k Tax Credit Per Child

House Democrats plan to use child tax credits as a catalyst to aid millions of American families. The lawmakers are currently drafting The American Family Act. That bill would increase the annual tax credit to $3,000 per child and would be sent to families in recurring $300 monthly increments. Those tax credits would be 100% refundable and the IRS would issue $300 checks per month for children under 6 years old and $250 a piece for those ages 6-17.

“Reps. DelBene and DeLauro are planning to reintroduce the American Family Act soon. We are currently working through technical changes to the bill, including discussions with the Biden administration on how this would be implemented to get benefits to families quickly and efficiently” said congressional spokesperson Nick Martin.

Martin went on to say “The president’s support for this policy is a game changer. The one year expansion is important pandemic relief policy but permanently expanding the benefit could give millions of children the opportunity to succeed. The permanent expansion is estimated to lift 4 million children out of poverty and cut deep poverty among children in half.”

The present child tax credit goes up to a maximum of $2,000 per child for ages 16 and under. Only 70% of those credits are currently refundable. The credit diminishes for single parent families who earn over $200,000 per year or couples who have a combined income that exceeds $400,000 according to Fox.


Porsha Williams Credits The Inauguration as Her Latest Inspiration to Get Fit

Porsha Williams has revealed that she is starting a new fitness routine. This comes after the RHOA cast member announced she’d returned to her “baby vegan” lifestyle last September. In which the radio personality and social justice activist shared she’d lost ten pounds from. The new mom and business woman posted “recharged” workout video’s via social media and credits the Inauguration as her latest inspiration.

“1st Day!! I felt so inspired today after witnessing such an emotional inauguration…that I decided to step out on faith.” Williams continued I feel recharged and I truly believe we can conquer the things we are ailing from by taking charge of our lives and do what we can today for a better tomorrow.”

Source: Instagram

Porsha also posted a gorgeous picture of her mother on Friday which eludes to good health running in the Williams family. She sent her matriarch a touching birthday tribute alongside those images saying “Everybody help me wish my mommy @msdianeofficial A very Happy 63rd Birthday!!!! I love you so much there aren’t enough words in the english language to express how much I love you!”

Source: Instagram

Porsha Williams has been a relentless advocate for Breonna Taylor who was killed in a botched police raid in 2020. She laid down her freedom earlier this year while protesting to seek justice while ensuring no one forgets Breonna’s name. She spoke on her physical support of Taylor’s family stating “For me love is an action word. I can’t just sit at home, post on Instagram, etc. and feel like I’m doing something to help this push forward. She went on while speaking to MSNBC to say “This entire situation needs to be escalated to the next level and for me whatever it takes to make that happen. I will happily be apart of that. I happily sacrifice myself and my freedom in that moment to raise awareness for Breonna Taylor.

Say Her Name March in honor of Breonna Taylor.-Atlanta, Georgia Source: Twitter
L to R Porsha Williams embracing Breonna Taylor’s mother Tamika Palmer.-Source: Instagram

Are you happy to see her taking time for herself as she’s selflessly done for others while still screaming for the world to say BREONNA TAYLOR’s name?


Day 3: Biden’s Set to Sign Duo Orders Which Aid Families Affected by Covid-19

Covid-19 has “hit hard” and the commander in chief is scheduled to strike back on Friday by signing two executive orders that help affected families. Biden is set to pen his John Hancock in support of expanding the federal food program benefits (SNAP) by 15% while increasing federal contract workers pay to $15 per hour. His support of federal workers is multi dimensional & also includes but isn’t limited to revoking Trumps rules that stripped vulnerable civil servants.

Biden is also requesting the Labor Department to clarify job workers rights to deny jobs that threaten their health during the pandemic. Saying “These actions are not a substitute for comprehensive legislative relief…but they will provide a critical lifeline to millions of American families” to reporters.

Vehicles lined up at a food giveaway in Utah during the global pandemic. Source: Rick Bowmer/AP

He has further plans to successfully transition a 1.9 trillion aid package through Congress in the coming months.

As soon as the fireworks stopped exploding on Inauguration day the President got swiftly to work to ensure Americans aren’t. He immediately signed actions that extend the federal eviction moratorium through March, and paused student loan repayments & interest until September according to NBC.


Statistics Show a 100% Increase in Expressway Shootings in Chicago-2020

Driving on the expressway has gotten deadlier for Chicagoans and it’s not for the reason most would think. Travelers previously worried about getting in a vehicular accident or traffic jam but 2020 has added fatal gunfire to that list. Early reports are indicating a 100% surge in expressway shootings in Chicago for 2020. Ending last year with a total of 128 gunshot victims while only 12 of those shootings resulted in an apprehension. The previous year (2019) was less than half of that number (52). One third of those incidents took place on the Dan Ryan according to Illinois state police.

Chanel Crespo holds a memorial for her brother John Ortiz, who was fatally shot while driving on the Eisenhower expressway in Chicago Illinois. Source: Reuters-Jim Young

Community stakeholders are slamming those shootings as unacceptable. A spokesperson (Beth Hundsdorfer) for the state police said “Expressway camera footage has produced evidence that was useful in obtaining criminal charges pursuant to expressway-related investigations.”

While a community member namely Alma Hill is crying foul and insisting more can be done. “I feel we’re being neglected. I feel we’re being put on the back burner because they can use the excuse of COVID.” Hill went on to say “I do believe more people have to stand up and let the public and especially the government know that this is important to us.” I know they’ve got a lot on their hands but that’s no excuse. This is ridiculous people are dying.” As originally reported by The Chicago Tribune.


Comedian Dave Chappelle Has Tested Positive for Covid-19

Veteran comic Dave Chappelle is reported to be Covid-19 and has cleared his upcoming schedule as a result. A rep for the comedian told TMZ that he is presently in isolation but is not experiencing any symptoms. Chappelle just came off a 5 show tour in Texas but has canceled his remaining two events since the diagnosis. One of the last shows was scheduled to be in conjunction with Joe Rogan. Tesla’s owner Elon Musk was spotted with Dave earlier this week. Chappelle had ensured his shows were adhering to all social distance guidelines. Ticket holders are set to receive refinds.

Source: Instagram

Are you praying for his speedy recovery and watching Tesla’s stock in the morning?


NBA Youngboy’s Youngest Child Is His Namesake

Yaya Mayweather became a first time mom earlier this month when she gave birth to NBA Youngboy’s child. The young lady and seasoned Dad has not shown their baby’s face but the name has been revealed via NBA Youngboy’s mother. During a Clubhouse discussion the paternal grandmother (Sherhonda Gaulden) divulged that her new grandson shares the same name as her son, Kentrell Jr.. She also said that Yaya contacted her in regards to visitation with the child.

NBA Youngboy’s mother Sherhonda Gaulden.-Source Twitter

While the new sweethearts parents have been keeping a low profile the mother Iyanna Mayweather has taken time to promote her YouTube channel which is set to tell her “story.

No complications were reported during Iyanna’s pregnancy or delivery. Her Father (undefeated champion boxer) Floyd Mayweather seems to have solidified himself as a full support to his daughter and grandbaby. We’re wishing this entire Black American family nothing but the best.

Iyanna Mayweather, center featured with her father, boxing legend Floyd Mayweather and mother Melissia Brim after completing high school as an over achiever at the age of 15. Source: Instagram
Source: Getty Images-BET


Jay Z Launches Multi-Million Dollar Fund to Aid Black Cannabis Companies

Jay Z broke into the cannabis industry in a major way. Now the rap icon and business man is looking to help minority startups do the same. “The Story of O Jay” rapper has reportedly set aside $10 million to aid Black entrepreneurs in cannabis commerce. During an interview with “The Wall Street Journal” the charitable mogul discussed his displeasure with the racial maligning that is already evident in the sector.

Source: Twitter

He spoke on the systemic black balling that is taking place in the legal marijuana industry stating “It’s really unbelievable how that can happen. We were the ones most negatively affected by the war on drugs, and America has turned around and created a business from it that’s worth billions.”

A study conducted by the American Civil Liberties Union in 2018 revealed that Black people were almost four times more likely to be arrested for marijuana possession than their white peers.

That systemic injustice has made way for the cannabis “blacklist.” Which is a alleged tactic being used to lock Black Americans out of the lucrative industry by using decades old systematic tricks. Some of the racist measures include prohibiting people with “drug” backgrounds from launching a weed business.

Source: Organigram

“I think that we still very much have policies that are both putting people and keeping people in poverty. And frankly, we have policies that are actually increasing the type of gaps that we see said Wes Moore finance expert and CEO of The Robinhood Foundation. He further detailed the seemingly orchestrated disparities in the weed market explaining how “We have seen how cannabis and the war on cannabis have had this not just disproportionate, but disastrous impact on communities of color.”

Shawn Carter professionally known as Jay-Z will also apply the reserves to “diversifying the cannabis workforce through job fairs and placement, industry training and education as well as Social Equity application support.”


Kodak Black Thanks Donald Trump for His Commutation

Kodak Black’s prison sentence has come to an early end thanks to former president Donald Trump so the rapper took to Twitter to thank him. “I want to Thank The President @RealDonaldTrump for His Commitment To Justice Reform and Shortening My Sentence.” The Tunnel Vision rapper went on to show gratitude for his supporters saying “I Also Want To Thank Everyone For Their Support And Love. It Means More Than You Will Ever Know.”

Black 23, also expressed his charitable intentions stating “I want to continue giving back while learning and growing.” Kodak Black who’s real name is Bill Kapri was given a 46 month prison sentence for not being forthcoming on a weapons application. The Florida natives legal team started bringing attention to his “excessive” sentence in the fall. He received a Presidential pardon on Wednesday Jan 20 during ex President Donald Trump’s last hours in office.

Source: Twitter


Donald Trump Pardons Death Row Exec, Lil Wayne & Kodak Black!!!

On Tuesday rapper Snoop Dogg thanked Donald Trump for pardoning a Death Row exec on his final day in office. “That’s great work for the president and his team on the way out.” He went on to “The Post” saying “They did some great work while they was in there and they did some great work on their way out. Let them know that I love what he did.” Harris received the news of his clemency at the Lompoc Federal Correctional Institution from previous clemency beneficiaries Alice Johnson and Weldon Angelos. Who are also criminal justice advocates. Then shortly after midnight he gave a pardon to rappers Lil Wayne who was facing a weapons charge and one of our faves Kodak Black. Who wasn’t scheduled to be released until 2022 for a nonviolent paperwork crime. In addition former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick is also being released after serving one fourth of his 28 year sentence according to Reuters. Are you happy for them?

Source: Twitter


Melania Trump Breaks White House Tradition Ashley Biden Calls it “Unfortunate”

On Tuesday President-elect Joe Biden’s daughter reacted to Melania Trump not offering her mother Jill Biden a “House” tour. The “tea and tour” is a tradition that allows the outgoing First Lady to show the successor around the White House. Biden’s daughter Ashley said “No, I don’t think they’re doing the traditional protocol, which is unfortunate, but I think we’re all OK with it” according to NBC.

Source: Getty Images
Source: Twitter

This keeps with the Trumps tradition of disregarding protocols and follows her husbands refusal to attend Joe Biden’s inauguration on Wednesday. A notion that President-elect Joe Biden welcomed calling it “One of the few things” they ever “agreed” on and a good thing.”

Melania Trump did find the time to post a digital “farewell” where she described her time in the White House as “unforgettable.” While asking American’s to “focus on what unites us.

Despite Trumps impending inaugural absence or Melania’s lack of hospitality power will be transferred on January 20 and former Presidents Barack Obama, George Bush and Bill Clinton are scheduled to be in attendance.

Source: BG-Robb Carr

Is Colin Kaepernick being called a “son of a b**ch, nonexistent federal mask mandates in the midst of a global pandemic something you’d be thrilled to forget about? Or was it the terms of endearment to Capitol Hill invaders for you?


“Injustice Anywhere is a Threat To Justice Everywhere” -Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Source: Jack Thornell/AP Images

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a minister and social justice activist who made vital contributions to the Civil Rights movement from the 1950s until his assassination in 1968. Although his life was cut short his selfless acts are still alive and well today. Dr. King fought for Black Americans to be recognized as humans who deserved equal rights and the impoverished. His peaceful protest included the Montgomery Bus Boycott and the March on Washington in 1963. Those demonstrations would later manifest into legislation known as the Civil Rights and Voting Rights Acts. He was a man of the cloth and one of the most influential speakers of all times. The Nobel Peace Prize winner laid the very groundwork for the peaceful protest that are seen today.

George Floyd protest in Baltimore 2020. Source: Twitter

The icons legacy is indisputably upheld through his children who haven’t wavered in continuing the fight for social justice. His heirs have stayed ten toes down on behalf of the causes their father championed and ultimately died for. So lets honor them as well today.

“He didn’t have a large quantity of time, but the quality of time was remarkable.”-Coretta Scott King speaking of husband Dr. Martin Luther King Jr…King family 1966/ /Source: MBR/AP
L to R- Martin Luther King III, Dexter King, Yolanda King and Bernice King stand next to a crypt dedicated to their parents in Atlanta on November 20, 2006. Source: Wilfred Harewood-AP

What’s your favorite Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. quote? Ours is “Justice Delayed is Justice Denied.”


California Has 2M Covid-19 Cases Los Angeles Has Confirmed 1M

California has surpassed New York as the deadliest state due to covid-19 after a month long increase in cases. It’s health department reported 669 coronavirus deaths on Saturday bringing the states total fatalities to 32, 960. Los Angeles’s spiraling covid-19 infections rates pushed California over the top claiming half of the states totals. LA has one million people who are covid-19 positive. Those numbers make them the first U.S. city to attain the landmark. Scientist are rationalizing how the grim milestone was reached.

Dr. Kirsten Bibbins-Domingo is a epidemiologist at the University of California San Francisco and stated “L.A. is a pretty large, complex county with factors like overcrowding, poverty and a large essential workforce. Those things came together at a time in the pandemic where we also see a lot of fatigue and the lessening of adherence to the basic things one has to do to stay safe, like wearing a mask.”

Source: Los Angeles Times- Francine Orr

Public Health officials have credited the ease of restrictions in November as the reason for the rise which included celebrations that ensued when the Dodgers won the World Series @ NBC.

Source: California’s state dashboard- Covid19.CA.Gov

As of Sunday morning California had confirmed 2.97 million covid-19 cases and 33,393 deaths. Los Angeles slightly upticked with 13,996 new cases and 252 additional deaths.


Winnie Harlow Is Spotted Showing Puppy Love

If you knew anything about Winnie Harlow then it would be that she’s as fierce as they come and an avid dog lover. The Canadian model skyrocketed to fame after her stint on America’s Top Model and hasn’t slowed down since. She is a powerful activist and advocate for the auto immune disease vitiligo (a condition that results in skin depigmentation). Harlow hasn’t let her own diagnoses of the disorder constrict her international supermodel status. She has sashayed for the Spanish clothing line Desigual walked countless times at London Fashion Week. As well as but not limited to working for the Italian clothing brand Diesel, Glamour Magazine and Vogue. When asked what was some of her most surprising opportunities by “The Daily Front Row” in 2020 the show stopper/humble beast didn’t mince words.

Source: Vogue Greece-Vasilis Kekatos

“Being in Beyonce’s new music video, or Calvin Harris and Sam Smith’s music video. Stuff like that, I would’ve never been like, ‘Oh yeah, one day I want to do a music video with Calvin Harris and Sam Smith, because that’s kind of far fetched. I was like, ‘Okay, you know what? God has created a plan for me and I can’t really write the story, It’s already written. So my job is just to put the work and the grind into the opportunities I take.”

Source: Instagram

The fashion model. role model and activist remains in demand but hasn’t let that stop her from displaying her puppy love on the gram. Making time to playfully post up with her pet pooch.

Source: Instagram


Historic VP-Elect Kamala Harris Will Be Sworn In By Historic Justice Sonia Sotomayor

We the people have made history once more in the US. The country will shatter two glass ceilings on next Wednesday welcoming it’s first woman into the oval office who is also of African, Asian and Indian descent. Since three times a charm the Vice President-elect has selected Justice Sonia Sotomayor to administer her executive vows. Sotomayor is a fellow history maker herself. She will be the first Latina woman on the Supreme Court to swear in the first woman of color according Biden’s transition team.

Ms. Harris chose Sotomayor due to her extensive civil rights background and past work as a prosecutor which is a shared history for the two. The Vice President-elect has continually expressed her admiration for attorneys. “Some of my greatest heroes were lawyers: Thurgood Marshall, Charles Hamilton Houston, Constance Baker Motley-giants of the civil rights movement,” she detailed in her memoir entitled “The Truths We Hold.” The former HBCU graduate has consistently spoken highly of Sotomayor.

“Judge Sonia Sotomayor has fought for the voices of the people ever since her first case voting against corporations in Citizens United.” Harris didn’t stop their in 2019 stating “As a critical voice on the bench, she’s showing all our children what’s possible.”

Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor- Source: Alex Wong/ Getty

The incoming second in command will be a first for the country and a win for women everywhere. She will take her oath on two Bibles. With one belonging to Thurgood Marshall who was the first Black Supreme Court Associate justice. While the other is affiliated with Regina Shelton. Shelton was a childhood caregiver and neighbor to Harris and her sister growing up as reported by ABC.

Are your tissues ready?


Donald Trump’s Pro Life Administration Executes 13th Inmate- Dustin Higgs

With less than one week before Inauguration Day Trump has given his stamp of approval to execute another inmate. The self proclaimed “pro life” outgoing President seems to be holding a basket of cherries as the 13th captive has lost their life during his tenure. On Saturday Dustin John Higgs 48 was killed shortly before dawn after the U.S. Supreme Court lifted the stay on his execution the day prior. Higgs was murdered at a Terre Haute prison for allegedly orchestrating a hit on three women in 1996. The individual who committed the slayings was not sentenced to die.

Higgs was Covid-19 positive according to the Bureau of Prisons who informed his Attorney Shawn Nolan on Thursday. Nolan fervently defended the deceased and slammed his execution.

Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts, Supreme Court Associate Justice Anthony Kennedy, Supreme Court Associate Justice Stephen Breyer, Supreme Court Associate Justice Sonia Sotomayor & Supreme Court Associate Justice Elena Kagan Source: Alex Wong/ Getty Images

“The government completed it’s unprecedented slaughter of 13 human beings tonight by killing Dustin Higgs, a Black man who’s never killed anyone, on Martin Luther King’s Birthday. Nolan went on to say “There was no reason to kill him, particularly during the pandemic and when he, himself, was sick with Covid that he contracted because of these irresponsible super spreader executions.”

Nolan questioned Higgs representation throughout his trial. He also revealed how the defendant loss his mother to cancer at the age of 10 saying “Mr. Higgs difficult upbringing was not meaningfully presented to the jury at trial.” He also said “It is arbitrary and inequitable to punish Mr. Higgs more severely than the actual killer.”

Mr. Dustin Higgs at the federal prison in Terra Haute, Indiana which host the only execution chamber in the U.S.. Indiana is also the home state of outgoing Vice President Mike Pence. Source: Attorneys for Dustin Higgs

Justice Sonia Sotomayor shared her disdain with the courts decision stating “This is not justice, after waiting almost two decades to resume federal executions, the Government should have proceeded with some measure of restraint to ensure it did so lawfully. When it did not, this Court should have. It has not.” Sotomayor also listed the names of the fallen under Trumps administration and continued “To put that in historical context, the Federal Government will have executed more than three times as many people in the last six months that it had in the previous six decades.”

The execution was initially scheduled on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday. His son wrote a article in The Washington Post on Thursday invoking his fathers words, excerpts read “I do not think that God approves of the death penalty for any crime…capital punishment is against the better judgement of modern criminology and above all against the highest expression of love in the nature of God.” The civil rights icon’s daughter Bernice King also tried to assist in halting Higgs execution.

Source: Twitter

Dustin John Higgs is the final man to be executed under Trump’s hypocritical administration. He maintained the assertion of his innocence until the day of his death.


GOP Lawmaker Discusses Viral Prayer Video During Capital Riot

Trump supporters flooded Capitol Hill but could not drown American values as congress members resiliently joined hands to denounce fear. While chaos ensued a video of Rep. Lisa Blunt Rochester would go viral. Now the GOP member is speaking out explaining why she chose faith in a national moment of uncertainty. The viral video shows Rochester travailing in prayers as Trump intruders breached the House Chamber.

Source: Instagram

The Capitol riot was due to Trump supporters who wished to alter the Nov. election results that elected Joe Biden and VP Kamala Harris. The congresswoman detailed the experienced saying “We knew that something was going to happen, but I don’t think anyone expected what we saw. Prior to that day she’d requested a special seat in the House Chamber to have a special view of Biden’s Presidential affirmation. She described the day as suspicious stating that House members were receiving packages that prompted a building evacuation. “And the next thing we know, the rioters were right there at the chambers typically , I think I would just be scared or nervous. But it was more of a react, react. ‘Where do I go? How do you open this gas mask?” While others were bunkered to safety Rochester’s special seat didn’t allow such so she was instructed to hide.

I don’t know if they forgot we were in the balcony and all the doors were locked. So we got to that other side and I looked over the balcony and I saw law enforcement with their guns drawn at the door. And that’s when it really, really hit what this moment was all about. I saw these two poofs..come through the window and I didn’t know if it was a gunshot or not. But that was when it really hit how much we were in jeopardy.”

From there she divulged the range of emotions she was feeling, from fear to faith. Also sharing that her best friend in Congress namely U.S. Rep. Val Demings was in agreement with her in those moments.

“She grabbed my arm, and I grabbed her arm and she just looked at me and said: ‘Lisa…we know God is in control or God is bigger than this’…but that was the moment where I just kind of laid down my sadness and my anger, and I just started to pray–pray for healing, pray for peace pray for everyone’s safety.”

Source: Instagram

Later in the evening when Congress was secure to reconvene she made a statement via social media excerpts said “We came back and didn’t let that chaos that hate deter or destroy our purpose and so I’m just grateful.”


UK Covid-19 Variant Surfaces In Illinois Could Intensify Pandemic according to CDC

On Friday Gov. J.B. Pritzker lifted some pandemic restrictions in Illinois but that action may be short lived due to the highly contagious virus that’s in town. The “Land of Lincoln” has documented its first case of the UK’s variant of Covid-19 according to Chicago public health officials. The SARS-CoV2 strain B.1.1.7 was first discovered in the United Kingdom during a study of Covid-19 samples by Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine. This Covid-19 mutation spreads easier but is not currently presumed to be deadlier or more severe. The “B.1.1.7″ strain has the potential to dominate in the United States according to the “CDC” which reported that it had already been found in 12 states and throughout more than 30 countries.

“Modeling data indicate that B.1.1.7 has the potential to increase the U.S. pandemic trajectory in the coming months” according to the CDC’s report.

They went on to say “The modeled trajectory of this variant in the U.S. exhibits rapid growth in early 2021, becoming the predominant variant in March.” The CDC is also keeping a close watch on a different variant seen in South Africa (B.1.1.28) acknowledging that these divergents host a “constellation of genetic mutations” @CNN.


Biden Proposes New $1.9T “Rescue” Package

President- elect Joe Biden revealed details of his proposed “American Rescue Plan” that totals $1.9 trillion. The incoming commander in chief plans to allocate $400 billion to address the covid-19 pandemic. With $20 billion going to further the national vaccination program and $50 billion set to support expanded testing. This third stimulus package will also include another round of direct payments to Americans to the tune of $2,000 a piece. While unemployment recipients will receive $400 per week in addition to child tax credits being bolstered. Rental relief is also spoken for in this bill alongside childcare credits and sick pay.

No child is scheduled to be left behind with $130 billion being set aside for grade schools to safely reopen within 100 days. It also includes a suggestion to raise the national minimum wage to $15 an hour and ensures food stability by widening the SNAP food assistance program. The $1.9T plan is only half of his proposed two part “initiative.” Which means that more helped would be on the way if this passes Congress in February.

Notably infrastructure, manufacturing and clean energy provisions are also cited in the objective.