Jacob Blake Gives First Interview Since Receiving 7 Police Bullets

Jacob Blake (29) sat down with Michael Strahan because he has little ability to stand after Kenosha police partially paralyzed him. Jacob Blake and his ex were uniting to celebrate their child’s 8th birthday when a dispute ensued with a neighbor. Blake said the altercation put a damper on his son’s party who tearfully asked him “daddy you sure it’s my birthday?” That query prompted him to leave to distract his son by “going back to the store.” Wanting to add joy to his child almost subtracted his life when police shot him seven times in the back. A miscommunication with his ex Laquesha Booker caused the police call. When officers arrived Blake didn’t realize they were their for him since he hadn’t committed a crime. He proceeded to Booker’s rental vehicle to secure his three children in their car restraints. Moments later he felt someone tugging his arm and flinched due to “human reaction.”

That moment made Blake realize he was the target. The next minute without verbal warning Blake says he was “slammed” against the car and tased. He responded by getting up to remove the “taser prongs” and pick up his dropped belongings which included a pocket knife. After garnering his things Blake tried to return to his “babies” in the vehicle. Blake said he walked away but in hindsight shouldn’t have picked up the knife due to the hostile climate. Still oblivious to his life being in danger since he was going in the opposite direction. Blake said he was not resisting arrest but the fate of being the “next George Floyd.” Trying to ensure the well being of his three kids almost turned fatal when a white police officer decided to shoot him seven times from behind.

Jacob Blake felt death was imminent. So he went on to give presumed final words to his children saying “Daddy love you no matter what.” Those children would later “facetime” their father in his hospital bed in awe that he was alive. Blake ended the interview thanking GOD for his life.

The families attorney, Ben Crump spoke about the smearing of Jacob Blake since the incident. Explaining how Black people have to be “perfect” to receive empathy.

Kenosha authorities identified the shooting officer as “Rusten Sheskey.” Who claimed Jacob Blake’s pocket knife had him in fear for his life. Sheskey said he thought he was going to be stabbed so he walked in closer to shoot him seven times. The officer’s attorney Brandan Matthews defended the publicly funded shooter saying he “acted according to his training.” His legal instruction has Jacob Blake heading into his 37th surgery as reported by “Good Morning America.”

Peaceful protestors taking to the street after Jacob Blakes shooting. Source: Instagram

Despite the international outcry Kenosha’s District Attorney, Michael Graveley decided not to charge the officer.


Look at God: Drake & Ye Set To Unite At Benefit Concert On Behalf Of Larry Hoover’s Release

Pigs haven’t flown and hell hasn’t frozen over but God is working and Ye and Drake have made a mogul mends. The two icons have planted the hatchet and will unite on Dec. 9 to advocate for Larry Hoover’s release according to his son and namesake.

“Were going to get the word out to as many people as we can” said Larry Hoover Jr. “We got to let the powers that be know that we want Larry Hoover in our community” he expounded.

J. Prince has been a firm advocate for Hoover Sr. and conveyed plans for the duo to assist in freeing the presently imprisoned co creator of the Chicago gang Gangster Disciples via Instagram weeks back. Saying “IF YOU FAIL TO PLAN YOU PLAN TO FAIL. Good plans in the making to free our brother Larry Hoover with the support of @champagnepapi and @kanyewest #TheArtandScienceofRespect

Source: Instagram

Ye affirmed that notion by reposting Prince’s message on his own social media account. But is not new to the fight for Hoover’s ended 50 year confinement. The fashion designer met with former President Donald Trump in 2018 urging for clemency of Hoover after already serving a half of century in captivity. With two decades of that servitude being in isolation according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

“There’s infinite amounts of the universe and there’s alternate universe.” Kanye went on saying “it’s very important for me to get Hoover out because in an alternate universe, I am him and I have to go and get him free.” While adding “Because he was doing positive inside Chicago just like I’m moving back to Chicago, and it’s not just about, you know, getting on stage and being an entertainer and having a monolithic voice that’s forced to be a specific part.”

Ye went on to formally announce plans for the benefit concert on Saturday which is scheduled to commence on Saturday  Dec. 9, with the support of Drake as a “special guest.”

Source: Instagram

The event will be held at the Los Angeles Coliseum and tickets will be available starting Monday 1p.m. Eastern Time.

Do you feel that the media has covered Ye and Drakes reconciliation as heavy as their rap dissolution? Are you hoping that Hoover is granted the legal redemption he’s worthy of?


The Senate Joins The House In 1.9T Stimulus Approval

The Senate ended their unholy stimulus war with the House on the Sabbath giving way to $1.9t in covid-19 relief. The bill skimmed by with a 50-49 vote that is expected to be finalized by President Joe Biden on Monday. Biden reacted to the narrowly bipartisan approval via a Twitter retweet.

“When I took office, I promised help was on the way. Thanks to @SenSchumer and Senate Democrats, we’ve taken one more giant step forward in delivering on that promise. He continued saying “I hope the American Rescue Plan receives a quick passage in the House so it can be sent to my desk to be signed. “

Source: Twitter

Who Qualifies?

Third stimulus checks may not exactly be a charm for hard hit Americans but will provide aid for some of it’s most vulnerable citizens & families.

-Individuals who earned $75,000 or less last year are eligible for the full $1400 payment.

-Married couples with combined incomes that were beneath 150,000 during their most recent tax year also qualify for the full $1400 stipend. While the head of household remains eligible with earnings of $112,000 or less. Adults who earned $80,000 & married couples who’s income tallied beyond $160,000 are exempt from receiving payments.

-Parents will also net an additional $1,400 check per dependent child claimed on their taxes. This round is also more inclusive of older dependents and now include college students and some individuals older than 17 with disabilities.

-Undocumented immigrants are not included in direct payments but may be apart of a household that is eligible for a single payment if a citizen resides within.


Biden’s $1.9T Stimulus Plan Proposes $1B To Aid Disenfranchised Black Farmers

Black farmers are on Biden’s executive radar. The $1.9 trillion covid-19 stimulus package proposes $1 billion to assist racially maligned farmers and includes special commissions, agriculture training and other aid to balance the systemic injustice that is present in farming.

A photo album is captured at the History House museum in Tillery, North Carolina which chronicles the experiences of relocated Black farmers. Tillery was one in a nonet of states where the government offered land for sale to former Black sharecroppers as part of a farming gentrification program.

“By denying or delaying Black farmers the same, loans, subsidies and other payments made to white farmers, USDA engaged in systematic racism that led to a dramatic decline in the number of Black farmers. This is not in dispute” stated the president of the National Black Farmers Association namely John Boyd to Fox News.

“Sadly, this long legacy of discrimination is baked into USDA programs, including how payments to Black farmers like me continue to be calculated” Boyd expounded.

Evangeline Grant is seated in her Tillery, North Carolina home which originally belonged to her parents. Grants family fought the government for 30 years in attempts to keep control of the land after their family farm was foreclosed on in 1978. Source: Madeline Gray

USDA statistics reveal that Black farmers accounted for about one sixth of farmers in the early 1900’s but less than 2% of farms were Black owned leading up to 2017.

The “debt relief bill” was suggested by Sen. Raphael Warnock and assesses “equal to 120 per cent of the outstanding indebtedness of each socially disadvantaged farmer or rancher as of January 1, 2021, to pay off the loan directly or to the socially disadvantaged farmer or rancher.” It’s set to offer “loan assistance” by using “however much otherwise unappropriated FY 2021 funds” that are deemed “necessary” according to Fox News & The Counter.


Reginae Carter Has A Powerful Word for Naysayers

Source: Instagram

Reginae Carter has been no stranger to the limelight. Her father Lil Wayne (Dwayne Carter) is a famous rapper and well rounded entrepreneur while her mother Toya Johnson is a NY Times best selling author. She is the first born of the formerly married couple & has positively navigated stardom in contrast to some of her young white counterparts. Carter is frequently seen promoting wellness through diet & exercise or captured bonding with her younger siblings. The Pride & Prejudice rising actress has been absent of scandal but a very present target of criticism.

The Savage x Fenty brand ambassador addressed some of the NAE-sayers during a workout break and Instagram live video over the weekend. “All I gotta say is, they hated on Jesus” Reginae continued saying “they hated on Jesus & he gave us life and they hated on that man. Once you look at the world like that you can’t get mad you know. Jesus the man that died on the cross for us.”

Source: Instagram

She went on to express her empathy for individuals who are bullied online before ending her session. “I just wanted to say one thing it’s a lot of people in this world who aren’t as strong as me and that goes through this daily and wants to hurt themselves. Or wants to do something because of the things people say about them. I thank God I’m not one of these people and I pray for these people because this world is very sad.

Can we get a amen?


Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Set To Give Their 1st Post Palace Interview with Oprah Winfrey

Meghan Markle & Prince Harry are expecting for the third time. The forever royal couple confirmed their baby news on Sunday through a spokesperson saying “We can confirm that Archie is going to be a big brother. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are overjoyed to be expecting their second child” according to Reuters. The Buckingham Palace released a statement shortly thereafter that read “Her Majesty, Duke of Edinburgh, Prince of Wales and the entire family are delighted and wish them well.”

Meghan Markle & Prince Harry with child. Source: Milan Harriman/Twitter

Supporters will get a chance to catch up with the duo during an upcoming interview with their neighbor and media mogul Oprah Winfrey. The scheduled sit down is set to air on March 7th and will be the first for the couple since leaving England.

Oprah Winfrey attending Meghan Markle & Prince Harry’s wedding. Source: Getty Images/Ian West

“Winfrey will speak with Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex, in a wide-ranging interview, covering everything from stepping into life as a Royal, marriage, motherhood, philanthropic work to how she is handling life under intense public pressure” CBS stated. “Later the two are joined by Prince Harry as they speak about their move to the United States and their future hopes and dreams for their expanding family.”

The Duchess of Sussex pictured with the couple’s first child, Archie. Source: SaveChildrenUK

Markle’s pregnancy appears to be the rainbow after the storm and follows a painful miscarriage for the pair. We’re wishing them all the best!


Colin Kaepernick’s Eyeing A $1B Socially Conscious SPAC

Colin Kaepernick is still standing and looking to pull his community further upward by forming a special purpose acquisition company. The social justice hero and former NFL player has intentions to manifest $250M to fund a SPAC. The company namely Mission Advancement Corp. will concentrate on racial equity and social justice issues.

Source: Getty Images

 “I. Consumers are investing in brands that reflect their social values and recognize that purchasing decisions can act as instruments of change. II. Companies are becoming more mission-driven and seeking to align with culturally relevant social causes. III. Brands are evolving into media platforms, enabling authentic cultural and celebrity influencers to help drive awareness, marketing exposure and value” according to their filing.

Source: BWI

Kaepernick is cited as the global ambassador and is one of the owners who will also sit on the firms board.

“Najafi and Kaepernick’s commitment to their social mission is reflected in the formation of the independent board, made up of 100 percent Black, Indigenous and people of color (BIPOC) and has a female majority,” states the filing. “In addition, our team has indicated an intent to launch an initiative in connection with the consummation of our initial business combination to provide opportunities for college students from underrepresented communities to gain access to fellowships and full-time opportunities in business and finance.”

The prospectus also stated that “We believe Mr. Kaepernick’s substantial business experience combined with his long-term leadership on racial equity and justice issues will support our success in identifying a prospective target company and adding transformational value to the combined entity.”


South Africa Deems Astrazeneca Vaccine Inefficient for Variant Discontinues Use

South Africa has discontinued the use of AstraZeneca’s covid-19 vaccine after a study revealed that it falls short when treating the variant. The coronavirus mutation has taken predominance in the country prompting officials to halt what a Oxford University study revealed as a “substantial drop” in suppressing the variant.

Source: Francis Kokoroko/Reuters

“When we analyzed individuals in terms of how well the vaccine worked against the variant, there was very little difference between the vaccine group and placebo group and placebo group, said the studies leader, Shabir Madhi. While adding that covid-19 vaccines are the “only sustainable option of reducing risk of severe disease and death.”

South Africa tallied 2,435 new cases of the coronavirus on Sunday bringing it’s total infections to more than 1.47 million people and 46,290 deaths.


1st Black US Gymnastics Champion Dianne Durham Dies at 52

Gary, Indiana has produced a variety of prominent public figures. Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson and family are some of the most notable mentions but doesn’t limit the city to it. The list of remarkable names range from economist (Joseph E. Stiglitz) and reach to former NBA players including Glenn Robinson then stretched all the way to rappers such as Freddie Gibbs. This small midwestern town has produced some of the greats and also was the birth place of one of the 1st Black gymnast in the country namely Dianne Durham who has died at 52.

Durham was only 14 years old when she performed in front of thousands of people on America’s largest gymnastics platform in 1983. In less than two minutes she would soar through a polished floor routine and fly through the air to land in a double twist with her hands raised as only a champion would. Her performance would earn her a resounding round of applause and four gold medals. It also penned her name in the history books as the first Black gymnast to ever achieve such victories. Her career was short and sweet but inarguably set an exemplar for ethnic athletes.

The Gold medalist’s would later suffer an ankle injury that catapulted her to coaching & gym ownership as a way to still take part in the sport. Her husband spoke to CNN regarding his late wife saying “Her personality was bubbly and she was a very charismatic individual who was respected and admired by a lot of people. Whether highest level or recreation class, all the students admired her because she treated them the same.”

June 5, 1983- Dianne Durham right is pictured giving autographs in Gary, Indiana after winning the women’s title at the Mcdonald’s U.S.A. Gymnastic Championship at the University of Illinois in Chicago. Source: Associated Press

The departed champion previously spoke on her home town stating the city of Gary was behind me 100,000%. She also released a statement following the death of George Floyd that read:

“In my own life and gymnastics career I encountered discrimination and prejudice. It didn’t stop me from reaching all of my goals, but it did play a role in preventing me from reaching some of my biggest goals.

“As an icon and trailblazer in our sport, Dianne opened doors for generations of gymnast who came after her, and her legacy carries on each day in gyms across the country,” said USA Gymnastics CEO Li Li Leung in a statement.

Simone Biles, Dominique Dawes and Gabby Douglas are successors of Durham who was reported to have passed peacefully in a Chicago hospital with her spouse and sister at her side according to US NEWS.

Source: Twitter

Is she receiving late flowers?


Covid-19 & Several Variants: NBA Plans All-Star Game During Players “short” off Season, Lebron James Reacts

The NBA decided to resume it’s sport during a global pandemic. The 2020 season ended covid-19 free but the players brief break may soon be over due to an All-Star game being announced. Professionals who powered through a non traditional, health threatening season seem non to pleased with the leagues decision and have began to speak out.

Source: Instagram

“I have zero energy and zero excitement about an All-Star Game this year,” Lebron James said to the press. “I don’t even understand why we’re having an All-Star Game. He continued to detail the dramatically different circumstances players yielded to during a global health crisis adding “Short offseason for myself and my teammates. It was 71 days. And then coming into this season, we were told that we were not having an All-Star Game, so we’d have a nice little break.”

Source: NBA-Douglas P. Defelice

The 4x NBA champion appeared blindsided by their move sharing “Five days (in March) from the fifth through the 10th, an opportunity for me to kind of recalibrate for the second half of the season–my teammates as well, some of the guys in the league. And then they throw an All-Star Game on us like this and just breaks that all the way up. So um, pretty much kind of a slap in the face.”

“The Rise and Fall of Black Wall Street” film producer went on to express how the seemingly last minute decision is affecting his morale and potential health. “Were also still dealing with a pandemic, still dealing with everything that’s been going on. And we’re going to bring the whole league to one city that’s open, so obviously the pandemic has absolutely nothing to do with it at this point when it comes to that weekend. Obviously you guys can see I’m not very happy about it but it’s out of my hands. And I’ll be there if I’m selected. But I’ll be there physically, but not mentally.”

Source: Kim Klement/USA TODAY-Sports

Giannis Antetokounmpo also spoke out regarding the NBA’s alleged back track saying “I think every player was looking forward to those five days, seven days, whatever the days are. While staying united with James sentiments “We’ve got to all follow the big dog. The big dog says he has zero excitement and zero energy for the All-Star Game and I’m the same way. I really right now don’t care about the All-Star Game. We cannot see our families.” But did affirm his commitment to play despite the international circumstance. “I’m always gonna do my job, I’m always showing up, showing the right example. But at the end of the day inside, deep down, I don’t want to do it. I want to get a break.”

Milwaukee Buck’s player, Giannis Antekokounmpo seen surprising 15 youth from the area Boys & Girls club with autographed jerseys after ranking top ten on Dicks Sporting Goods Jersey Report in 2018. Source: C.T. Kruger/ Now News Group


Nick Cannon’s Headed Back To the Show He Created “Wild N Out” After Firing

Source: MTV

The Wild N Out show is set to go on and will again include it’s creator Nick Cannon. ViacomCBS cut ties with Cannon last July due to displeasure with an interview on his Howard University podcast (Cannon’s Class) which included professor Richard Griffin. They’ve since had a change of heart and released the following statement.

Source: YouTube-Cannon’s Class

“Nick has not only apologized and taken responsibility for his comments, but he has also worked to educate himself and others through engagement with Jewish leaders on his platforms. A ViacomCBS spokesperson continued “Those efforts are of the utmost importance and that’s why he have invited him to rejoin our team according to TMZ.

The Masked singer (his other gig) never jumped ship on Cannon during his media flogging. They saw worth in the mogul and gave him the space to clarify his statements.

Source: Michael Becker- Fox

“We we were made aware of Nick Cannon’s interview with Richard Griffin on YouTube, we immediately began a dialogue with Nick.” The shows network (Fox) also said “On that basis and given a belief that this moment calls for dialogue, we will move forward with Nick and help him advance this important conversation, broadly. While condemning “all forms of hate directed toward any community and we will combat bigotry of any kind.”

Are you asking how fly is he?


Polo G’s Mom Launches “I Birth Legends” Podcast Interviews Beyonce’s Mom-Tina Knowles

Polo G’s mother Stacia Mac has received a big blessing courtesy of her son and is doing big things The momager took to Instagram to display videos of a glorious home. That she revealed was purchased by the “Pop Out” rapper.

Source: Instagram

Mac has advocated for her son throughout his career as his manager and previously told a bit of their story to Vogue LA.

“Being a Chicago native, I am a self-proclaimed hustler. I’ve learned to quickly adapt and be ready for any obstacle. With my background initially in property management, I had built a practical lifestyle for my family. When my eldest son ‘Polo G’ expressed his aspirations of becoming a rapper, I knew it was imperative not only to support his decision but to make it a reality. So said, so done. I myself took on the role of his full time manager.”

Source: Instagram

The “Only Dreamers Achieve” (management agency) business woman continued sharing “With the help from a legal counsel, I constructed, negotiated, and finalized Polo’s label deal with Columbia Records. The combination of her support and her son’s outstanding talent would prove sufficient in manifesting a winning team that has produced but isn’t limited to “double platinum” and RIAA Gold tracks.

Source: Instagram

While hard work has certainly paid off for the entrepreneur and proud mom. She’s shown no indication of planning to slow down in the near future.

Source: Instagram

Mama G released snippets of her new podcast legitimately entitled “We Birth Legends.The clip shows Tina Knowles (Beyonce’s mother) as her interviewee.

Source: Instagram

Are you impressed?


Black Marine Veteran Chosen as Super Bowl LV’s Honorary Captain

Source: NFL- Instagram

The NFL has chosen a Marine Corps veteran namely James Martin as one of their honorary captain’s for the upcoming Super Bowl. Martin served in Iraq as well as Afghanistan between the years of 2000 until a paralyzing injury in 2015. He will be one of three members to take part in the coin toss.

The service member expressed excitement about the opportunity to Fox News stating “I’m absolutely astonished, humbled and surprised.Martin is a married father of 8 who’s been assisting veterans stay connected during a socially distanced pandemic.

“I worked with Wounded Warrior Project. We opened up a Discord. It was meant to virtually connect veterans together during the pandemic Martin said “We knew there was a large population of our veterans that we served that played video games, and this was one of the ways we could not only connect with with them but to still be able to provide services and do programs.”

Source: James Martin

He also livestreamed school sporting events for veterans to view online, in an effort to help those that served and the children who were playing in person games without an audience.

“I wasn’t really sure if I knew how to do it in the first place, but I agreed to it because it needed to be done. It was something that those kids needed and they deserved it. Why not showcase their talents whenever the rest of the crowd couldn’t be their.”

Source: Instagram

Martin has puts his “heart of hearts” on a Chief’s victory and will stand beside educator Trimaine Davis & nurse manager Suzie Dorner for Sunday’s traditional coin toss.

Super Bowl LV’s honorary captains L to R-James Martin, Trimaine Davis & Suzie Dorner-Source: CBS

The NFL described their notable selections saying “During this incredibly challenging time in our lives, Trimaine, Suzie and James have exemplified the essence of leadership, each in their own way.” Roger Goodell (the NFL’s commissioner) said “We are grateful for their commitment and proud to share their stories and recognize them during this special moment on Super Bowl Sunday.”


Future’s Mother & Twin Celebrates Her 56th

Stephanie Jester is a certified business coach, real estate broker, motivational speaker and she is also Future’s mother.

Source: Twitter

She is the owner of the “EMPOWHER movement” which prides itself on “helping another woman win; by cheering HER on, praying for HER and sharing resources with HER.

Source: Instagram

The diverse veteran mommy preneur also operates the In Touch Properties management team in Atlanta, GA. Jester turned a very youthful 56 this week & didn’t hesitate in thanking God for it all.

Source: Instagram


Tennesse Principal Apologizes for Counter BLM Message during Black History Month

A Tennesse principal decided that it’s school’s Black History Month’s theme would be All Lives Matter now their apologizing. East Ridge Middle School in Chattanooga distributed a newsletter to it’s students and faculty informing them of the schools decision to symbolically counter protest Black Lives Matter during a time (February) which is set aside to celebrate Black American history. Now it’s principal “Christy Drake” has attempted to clarify her imperfect timing with a sorry according to CNN.

Tennessee residents recently voted in favor of keeping former Ku Klux Klan leader Nathan Bedford Forrest’s statue in it’s state’s capitol building. -Source: Shelly Mays/The Tennessean

“As a black woman in leadership, I embrace civil rights, Black History Month and the sacrifices that have been made by those who came before me. I hope that my students, many of whom look like me, believe in the possibilities of their unlimited potential.”

Parents slammed Drake’s gesture stating “Whoever thought that was a good idea really just has refused to think critically about it or just doesn’t want to educated themselves about it and that disturbs me from the educators of my children said Jessica Arnold. Black, Hispanic and Native American students make up 71% of Tennessees pupils according to the Department of Education.

Do you think she’s sorry?


Jeff Bezo’s Prepares to Pass Amazon’s CEO Torch

Amazon’s creator and owner Jeff Bezo’s is schedule to step down from his CEO position later this year. The company has announced Andy Jassy as his torch recipient in a transition that will take place in Q3. Jassy has been a Amazon team member since 1997 who’s spearheaded it’s Web Services (cloud) division thereon. Bezo’s laid Amazon’s foundation in 1994 and went on to erect a online retail fortress with a global span.

“I’m excited to announce that this Q3 I’ll transition to Executive Chair of the Amazon Board and Andy Jassy will become CEO stated Bezo’s in an employee statement. In the Exec Chair role, I intend to focus my energies and attention on new products and early initiatives. Andy is well known inside the company and has been at Amazon almost as long as I have. He will be an outstanding leader and he has my full confidence.”

Source: Amazon

The news came congruent with their earnings report which docked the company at it’s highest quarter ($100 billion) ever. But followed the FTC’s orders to pay $62 million to drivers who were underpaid tips as reported by CNBC.

Bezo’s has declared that he has plans to remain active while also expressing “excitement” about the change. The effective entrepreneur also encouraged his employees saying “Keep inventing, and don’t despair when at first the idea looks crazy. Remember to wander. Let curiosity be your compass. It remains Day 1.


Elon Musk is Taking a Twitter Hiatus

Elon Musk visiting a proposed Tesla factory on Sept. 3 in Berlin. Source: Odd Andersen/Agence France-Presse/Getty

Tesla’s first in command namely Elon Musk has decided to take a break from Twitter following recent market shifting tweets. The electric car guru informed his social media followers that he was “Off TWTR for a while” on Tuesday. Musk didn’t render a explanation but isn’t exactly new to social media pauses. The SpaceX CEO previously pumped the breaks on his account in 2018 after coming under fire with the Securities and Exchange Commission after publicly speaking about a private (Tesla) deal that caused the car companies shares to surge. The commissions reprimand would later result in a $40 million settlement with the SEC.

Source: Twitter

Are you cool with Musk taking a break as long as Tesla’s stock keeps blazing?


Lil Durk Gives Kanye West a Nod in New “Krazy” Video

Lil Durk decided to salute a fellow MC & Chicagoan and did so via his new “Kanye Krazy” video. The “All Love” rapper took a stroll down the Yeezy designers memory lane by recreating some of West’s most notable moments.

The nostalgic record is featured on Durk’s latest edition of his “The Voice” album. The windy city native chose to become “Ye throughout the years” and begins his video in a white suit at a piano and ends depicting Kanye’s “The Life of Pablo” bedroom scene. The short musical film is currently trending on YouTube and has amassed over 5 million views in less than 48hrs and has given Lil Durk something to smile about in the midst of grieving his late friend King Von.

Source: Twitter


South African Covid-19 Variant Surfaces in South Carolina & Maryland

The Covid-19 mutation first identified in South African has now surfaced in South Carolina & Maryland. Maryland announced it’s first case on Saturday and has ensured citizens that thorough contact tracing is underway. While South Carolina acknowledged the variants presence on Thursday. Health officials in both states are concerned due to the variation being more contagious and easier to transmit than the original virus.

The CDC released a statement on the South African variant saying the “CDC is aware that the first US documented cases of the B .351 variant of SARS-CoV2, which was first detected in South Africa, have been identified in South Carolina.

“CDC is early in it’s efforts to understand this variant and will continue to provide updates as we learn more. At this time we have no evidence that infections by this variant cause more severe disease. Like the UK and Brazilian variants, preliminary data suggests this variant may spread more easily and quickly than other variants.”

Source: Bebeto Matthews/AP

Clinical trial results have shown that the mutations are reducing the vaccines potency and fear it will undermine efforts to vastly vaccinate. Dr. Anthony Fauci spoke on the Covid-19 variants stating “Clearly, the mutants have a diminishing effect on the efficacy of the vaccines. We can see that we are going to be challenged.”

A researcher for Harvard’s medical school namely “Dr. Dan Barouch said “it’s a different pandemic now.” Pfizer’s Chief Executive said the variants have a “high possibility” of causing the currently crafted doses to be ineffective but did remain optimistic saying “science will prevail” according to the Business Insider.


Slim Thug Speaks On Robinhood’s Gamestop Antics

Robinhood’s (a free brokerage firm) recent trading restrictions enraged amateur traders, veteran economist, politicians and a few celebrities. GameStop’s shares jumped 400% last week closing out the first month of 2021 1,625% in the green. The sudden surge caused a wave of effects which included Reddit tripling it’s members to 6.5 million in one week. The GameStop chaos upended Wall Street and seemed to negatively affect Robinhood’s bottom line which resulted in the broker accessing credit lines and seemingly throttling trades.

Robinhood released a statement on Saturday attempting to clarify their restrictions on skyrocketing stocks.

“With the extraordinary market activity this week, and the temporary restrictions we put in place on certain securities, we’ve received questions about how Robinhood works, trading, clearing and settlement and clearinghouses.” They went on to say “the amount required by clearinghouses to cover the settlement period of some securities rose tremendously this week. How much? To put it in perspective, this week alone, our clearinghouse-mandated deposit requirements related to equities increased ten fold. And that’s what led us to put temporary buying restrictions in place on a small number of securities that the clearinghouses had raised their deposit requirements on. It was not because we wanted to stop people from buying these stocks. We did this because the required amount we had to deposit with the clearinghouse was so large-with individual volatile securities accounting for hundreds of millions of dollars in deposit requirements-that we had to take steps to limit buying in those volatile securities to ensure we could comfortably meet our requirements.”

Source: Instagram

Financially savvy individuals and stock newbies both cried foul against Robinhood and Slim Thug has decided to give his two cents referencing the monetary melee.

The “How to Survive in a Recession” author and King rapper surfaced on social media saying “the mother****ers just proved that they don’t want a poor mother****er to get rich if you got any kind of brain” he went on to say “GameStop was a prime example.” He continued “AFC GameStop that proves to you that these **********ers do not want you to rise up and get that check. Like they say America is the land of opportunity no its not it’s a land of m****rf****ers who old and rich who passing that s**t down and staying on top with no talent. They already had bread so they own this sh*t they daddy died grandpa died that’s what America is. It’s not the land of opportunity.”

Many were disgusted by Robinhood’s actions which demonstrated Capitalism in organic form and at the very least oppression of already struggling Americans.

Source: Twitter

Are you chucking Robinhood the deuces or just diversifying your investments (property, health, ETF’s, Bitcoin, family) until unrestricted trading resumes?


T.I. Hits Back at Claims While His Wife Stays Focused on Their Family

T.I. (Clifford Harris) has chosen to speak out in defense of himself and his wife Tameka due to a former friend firing off sex abuse claims. The “Blessed” rapper took to Instagram to inform the accuser Sabrina Peterson that “no weapon” formed against his family will prosper while denouncing the putrid allegations. In a detailed post to his social media account the actor and entrepreneur expressed the necessity he felt to publicly speak out regarding the “egregious allegations” against his marriage.

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“It’s been extremely difficult for me to remain quiet in light of all the things that have transpired, and all the egregious allegations being tossed around about me and my wife” he said. “But there’s a reason for that and I don’t mind sharing it. You see, if a person does not have any right to criminally or civilly have you in court…the best thing they can do is get you for defamation…Drag you in court, make you pay their legal bills.”

He went on to reaffirm his support for women who have been victims of abuse declaring “Women, Black women in particular, should be supported, protected, defended and uplifted. While cautioning against sinister agendas “However, evil has no gender…A threat comes in all shapes and sizes.”

The vocal activist also reinserted the general assumption of individuals bedrooms being private while rejecting the assertion of any felonious activities transpiring within.

“What we’re not gonna do is open the door to my bedroom…But I will say this: Whatever we ever have done, has been done with consensual adults who are into what we into and like what we like…We never forced nobody against their will, we ain’t never held nobody against their will, we never made nobody do anything…never raped nobody.”

He also questioned Peterson’s credibility asking “How are you going to be a victim and an attacker at the same time.”

His wife Tiny (Escape singer) hasn’t reacted to the currently unsubstantiated rumors but has seemingly chose to steady her focus on the couples children and has since posted their youngest daughter Heiress on her social media accounts.

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Cicely Tyson’s Memoir is Sold Out on Amazon

Cicely Tyson has joined the ranks of ancestors that gloried on. But her memory and sold out memoir will continue. Tyson released her bio entitled “Just As I Am” two days before her passing. In what now seems like an official goodbye and a beautiful parting gift. The prolific actress was 96 years old at her expiration and pioneered for generations of young thespians to come. Her careers wingspan expanded more than 60 years and reached Black women everywhere. Some of her breakout films were “Odds Against Tomorrow,” “The Comedians,and “A Man Called Adam. She was courageously known for rejecting “blaxploitation” roles in the 60’s. But returned to the stage after that era to star in Sounder (1972) in a performance that would garner the luminary a Best Actress Oscar nomination.

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Despite her wonderous accomplishments on film some of her most notable roles were affiliated with television. Whether she was playing in “Roots,” “A Woman Called Moses” “King: The Martin Luther King Story” or “The Blacks” Ms. Tyson was determined to make her adaptation to tv just as moving as on the big screen. The trail clearer and blazer would later receive 16 Emmy nominations during her career and would manifest a win in 1994 for the “Oldest Living Confederate Widow Tells All.

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The diverse actress and child of immigrant parents was also well known on Broadway. Some of her live work included the reinvention of the musical “The Dark of the Moon, “Talent 59” and “Jolly’s Progress.

The prolific actress received a Kennedy Center Honor in 2015, Tony Awards in 2013 and had the Presidential Medal of Freedom bestowed to her by former President Barack Obama. Obama penned a touching tribute at the news of her death.

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“When Cicely Tyson was born, doctors predicted she wouldn’t make it three months because of a heart murmur in her heart. What they didn’t know, what they couldn’t know, was that Cicely had a heart unlike any other.” The former commander in chief continued “The kind that would not only beat for 96 more years but leave a mark on the world that few could match. At a time when parts for actors who looked like her weren’t easy to come by, she refused to take on roles that reduced Black women to their gender or race. Sometimes, that meant she would go years without work. But she took pride in knowing that whenever her face was on camera she would be playing a character who was a human being flawed but resilient: perfect not despite but because of their imperfections.

Michelle Obama called the late legend “the personification of beauty, grace, wisdom and strength.”

Tyler Perry celebrated Tyson with a heartwarming video that shined light on some of her diverse yet dignified performances while calling her “the grandmother” he “never knew.”

Excepts from Cicely Tyson’s final interview given by Gayle King. Source: CBS THIS MORNING

Tyson was a philanthropic changemaker and barrier breaker who’s quotes were just as empowering as her art and her final piece of it was her luxuriant bio which is now sold out on Amazon.

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The moment anyone tries to demean or degrade you in any way you have to know how great you are. Nobody would bother to beat you down if you weren’t a threat.-Cicely Tyson