Nancy Pelosi Accepts $908B Bill After Rejecting Higher $1T Offer

Source: AFP via Getty Images

Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer have now decided that a $908 billion dollar relief bill is acceptable post election after previously rejecting the $1.8 trillion GOP offer back in July. The drastic flip flop has people wondering if the initial almost $2T refusal was politically motivated at the expense of the American peoples livelihoods. Pelosi who previously stated that “a trillion dollars is OK, that’s an interesting starting point. But that doesn’t come anywhere near” has now decided that substantially less is suddenly adequate after saying the almost 2 trillion dollar offer was “wholly insufficient.” Do you think Pelosi allowed Americans to starve while playing politics. Did she fumble the stimulus bag? Now that the game is over are Americans taking the hit via lesser relief. Are you voting next midterm?


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